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Jan Glinski's' Design: concept and production experience of Rosepoint Press. Strong very graphic photo illustration.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Knopf, Walker and Company, Carroll & Graf Publishers, Thunder's Mouth Press, Marlowe & Company, Little Brown, Tarcher/Penguin, Pentagram, Peckolick and Partners, Sagmaister inc., WL2 Design, Chermayev & Geismar, Wydawnicwo Literackie Krakow, Nancy Collins, Donovan & Green, The Ink Tank, Jessica Weber Design, Young & Rubicam, New York Times, Inworks, Pushpin, Graphis, Dan Miller Design, Di Vision Studio, Lydian Asset Management, Bantam Books, Simon & Schuster, Viva, Byron Preiss Multimedia, Random House, Vintage International, St. Martin's Press, Emerson Wajdowicz, Calvin Klein, Lot Polish Airlines, Ursula Flurer Design, McMillan, Farrar Straus Giroux, Millen & Ranson, Atlantic Monthly Press, Grove Press, M&Co, Ashley Management, Marc J. Cohen Design, Victore Design Works, Z Sails, O&J Design, Sotheby's, Castelli Gallery, Gogosian Gallery, Dyansen Gallery, Talisman, Peterson & Blyth, Schechter Group, Cygnus International, Parsons, Portfolio Center, Gray Advertising, Ryszard Horowitz, Hashi, PS.1, Guggenheim Museum, Marion Pallenberg Design, Swiss Army Inc., Andrzej Dudzinski, Lab Inc., Penguin/Viking, Eric Zim, Sara Bernstein design, Workman, Limited, Mohawk Papers, Crabtree & Evelyn, Christoph Niemann, Doubleday, The Metropolitan Opera, Tin Room Cafe, Public Affairs, Revlon, W Norton, Liz Claiborne, Midleberg and Associates, Lever Bros., Landor Associates, American Express, Gravity Graphics, Creg Cutler, L'Oreal, Davies Publications, Shakespeare Project, Times Books, Henry Holt, Ogilvy

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CONTACT: Rosepoint Press Inc., Plymouth st. #504 Brooklyn, New York, NY 11201, T: 718 237 4763, F: 718 237 1443, E:

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